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Why Choose Solar Pool Heating?

Posted By Michael  
11:00 AM

Solar pool heating is all the rage in Australia, and that trend isn’t likely to end soon. There are a number of great reasons to invest in solar pool heating, from environmental benefits to the low running costs, and perhaps more importantly, allowing you access to a heated pool for most of the year. In this article, we will explain some of the key benefits of solar pool heaters compared to other conventional pool heating systems.


It’s Better for the Planet

Solar swimming pool heating is more beneficial for the planet than gas pool heating. Solar pool heating uses very little electricity. In fact, for most systems, the running costs amount to less than one dollar per day, and that’s if it’s running all of the time. The only energy consumption in solar pool heating is running a pump to get the water into the solar collecting unit on the roof of your house. This is substantially less than the energy costs of running a heat pump pool heater, which uses a pressure pump. If you are still concerned about the small amount of electricity consumed by a solar swimming pool heater, you can power this using your home solar electricity setup so that you aren’t pulling any power from the grid.


Low Maintenance

Because solar swimming pool heaters don’t have lots of moving parts, there is very little maintenance required. The biggest thing to beware of is your pool water becoming a breeding ground for bacteria that can clog the filters, and in bad cases, the pipes of the solar collecting unit with slime. However, this is usually a low energy fix, and your local pool heating professionals can sort it out relatively quickly.


Low Running Costs

Money is a concern for everyone, but solar pool heating systems don’t cost a lot to run. The added bonus of this is that if you want to run a combined pool heating system, such as one that includes a gas heater for those days you want the pool to be steaming hot, the solar pool heater takes the edge off. The costs associated with running the gas heater are substantially reduced because the solar system has preheated the water. This saves you a lot of money over the long term and means you have the best of both worlds – a cheaper to operate system that works more of the time.


Local Pool Heating Installs Solar Swimming Pool Heating in Sydney

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