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Inverter Plus Heat Pumps

Inverter Plus Heat Pumps

An Inverter Plus Heat pump is a great way to heat your swimming pool. Gone are the days of worrying about electricity costs when it comes to heating your pool.

Did you know that our range of Inverter Plus Heat Pumps save you as much as 70% on your heating costs when compared to a non-inverter heat pump.

Inverter Heat Pumps are still not widely available and through our connections here at Local Pool Heating we are please offer you the complete range of Invert Plus Heat Pumps to suit any size pool or spa.


Why Use an Inverter Heat Pump

Not only are Inverter heat pumps great for heating your pool, they are also extremely quiet which means your neighbours wont have any reason to complain about noise. If fact, our Inverter Plus range of heat pumps are up to 10 times quieter than other brands.


Inverter Plus Engineering

The Inverter Plus range of heat pumps are built tough for all conditions. The outer case is constructed using marine grade alloys and superior power coating technology. Add to this blue fin coating on the exchanger coil and you have a well-engineered white good for your pool area.


Inverter Plus Warranty

Like all good heat pumps, the Inverter Plus range come with a strong 10 year warranty on the titanium heat exchange, 2 years parts and 1 year labour.



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