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Ozone Swim

Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidiser that is a powerful sanitising agent and is used throughout many industries to purify air and water. Ozone Swim combines patented corona discharge technology with a premium mineral/salt chlorination system. Therefore it effectively sanitises, purifies and reduces maintenance - resulting in therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water.



Add Ozone to your current system

The 1200i Series works in conjunction with existing salt chlorinators, chemical dosing systems and tablet feeders.
BR-500.06Ozone Swim 1200i Series
BR-500.18With timer clock
BR-500.06TOzone Swim 1200iT Series

Ozone System

Mineral/Salt + Ozone = Total Solution

The 1000, 2000 & 3000 Series is designed to replace existing sanitisation systems. These units have the benefit of both salt/mineral Chlorination and Ozone purification.
BR-500.07Ozone Swim 1000 Series
Salt/Mineral Level:3,500ppm
BR-500.08Ozone Swim 2000 Series
Salt/Mineral Level:3,500ppm
BR-500.09Ozone Swim 3000 Series
Salt/Mineral Level:3,500ppm





To find out how Ozone Swim by Maytronics can make your pool experience exceptional contact us today. Let us show you how Ozone and Mineral/Salt Chlorination can provide your pool with natural water purification.


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