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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps use the ambient air temperature around them and electricity to produce energy to heat the pool heater as it passes through a titanium coil heat exchanger.  Heat pumps are a great way to heat your pool if you require a guaranteed temperature all year round.  Heat pumps can also be used as a “Season Extender” similar to solar pool heating.


Similar to an air conditioning unit heat pumps have fans that pull the air across the coil and then push the air away from the unit.  When  installing a heat pump it is very important to consider your air flow to ensure the cold air gets away from the unit, if the air is recycled it can reduce the efficiency of the heat pump.


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How hot can I get my Pool?

Some brands of heat pumps can take your pool to as high as 40 degrees, it is very important to choose your desired pool temp before you buy your heat pump as this can greatly vary the size of the heat pump required.


What are the running costs?

Heat pumps can heat your pool from as little as 40 – 50 cents an hour. Being thermostat controlled, once the pool is to temperature the heat pump will kick in and out as required to maintain the pool temp.  This means on a cold wet and windy day the heat pump will run more than on a typical sunny day but your pool will always be ready to swim!


Do I need a pool blanket?

Using a pool blanket in conjunction with your heat pump will reduce your running costs by approximately half !  It will also reduce the size of the heat pump required to heat the pool, which means you can save on your initial investment if you choose to use a pool blanket in conjunction with your heat pump.


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