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"Local Pool Heating installed the solar heating panels on our slate tiled roof at the beginning of this year (2010). We live by the sea at Sandon Point, which is a Category 4 wind area. Since the installation we have had extremely windy conditions (including the Father’s Day windstorm of September 6). On one occasion it was so windy that a downpipe ripped away from the guttering on the roof and the sarking under the tiles was vibrating noisily.


Despite these conditions we have had absolutely no problem with the solar panels installed by Local Pool Heating. They are neatly sitting exactly as they were when they first installed them.


We have no hesitation in recommending this particular system, as installed by Local Pool Heating, to anyone in a high wind area."


-Rod & Sharyn Sutherland

Pool Heating Repairs in Sydney

Have you got a solar pool heating system that is not working properly?  Perhaps your heat pump is not quite getting to the temperature you require.  At Local Pool Heating we not only install, service and repair solar pool heating systems anywhere in Sydney, we can also service and repair solar controllers, swimming pool heat pumps and gas heaters.


Solar Pool Heating Repairs

Solar pool heating systems can be repaired and do not always need to be replaced.  A typical solar pool heating system can last up to 25 years or more if it is maintained and serviced on an annual basis.  Servicing and repairs of solar pool heating is usually done in an hour or two with minimal parts.  If your system does require major parts, we will supply you a quotation before undertaking any works and of course give you the option to upgrade your solar if need be.  Call today on 1300724132


Pool Gas Heater Repairs

If your gas pool heater is not performing or has an error code showing you can’t get rid of, give us a call to discuss it.  Part of our network includes professional gas fitters that are fimilar with swimming pool gas heaters.  Our team carry spare parts for most minor repairs to be carried out on the spot.  Get your pool back to a temp you desire today.


Swimming Pool Heat Pump Repairs

There are many different brands of heat pumps and we have access and the team that can repair most swimming pool heat pumps.  Our services also include relocation and replacement.  If you are moving house and considered taking your heating system with you, give us a call today on 1300724132


Pool Heating Repairs in Sydney call us today on 1300724132 or