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Do's and Don'ts for Maintaining Your Pool All Year Round

Posted By Michael  
11:00 AM

Whether or not you intend to use your pool all year round, it is important to keep it maintained. Keeping your pool within the recommended chemical limits with small but regular adjustments is much safer and more efficient than dumping in a heap of chemicals before the swimming season. In this article, we will explain some basic pool maintenance tips to keep your pool and its ancillary equipment in top shape all year ‘round.


Remove Debris

Pool debris is the number one thing to keep an eye on during the off season. While you’re not swimming, you might not be on top of pool maintenance, but the chemistry is still working. Pool debris, such as autumn leaves, continually react with pool chemicals and cause them to be consumed at a faster rate than usual. Coupled with the fact that you may not be looking to swim in your pool for a while, this lack of maintenance can lead your levels to dangerously low levels and allow bacteria to take a hold. These bacteria can then infiltrate the pumps and siphons, reducing their efficiency by creating colonies and biofilms that may be very difficult to kill.


Cycle the Heat Pumps and Heaters Regularly

It might seem like a tiring task, but regularly turning your pool heaters and heat pumps is important for their longevity. Solar pool heaters can even be left running for most of the year because it consumes very little electricity. The risk associated with turning these systems off for extended periods of time is that the water that stores in them can become stagnant and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Heat pumps should also be cycled regularly, and where it is possible, ran in reverse configuration at least once a year. This keeps the system working smoothly.


If you have a gas heater, it is important to run it a few weeks before you intend to use it, even just for a couple of hours to make sure it still works. These systems are notorious for breaking down right when you want to use them, so give it a test run early in case you need to call in a pool maintenance professional.


Get the Water Quality Tested

Another important thing to do before you add chemicals is to test your pool water. The staff at your local pool shop will be able to test your water within minutes and give you a plan for returning it to normal levels.


Use a Pool Cover or Blanket

To minimize debris and evaporation, use a pool cover. It will also make your pool heater more efficient when you do go to run it because most of the heat from your pool is lost through the air-water interface.


Contact Local Pool Heating for Pool Maintenance in Sydney

Local Pool Heating are expert pool heating system installers and repairers. We know what it takes to keep your pool enjoyable year-round. Feel free to get in touch with your questions or queries, particularly when related to finding a new energy efficient heating system. Call us today on 1300 724 132 or contact us online.