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Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Posted By Michael  
11:00 AM

A safe pool is the best kind of pool, especially when it comes to kids. In this article, we explore pool safety tips that every pool owner should follow.


Proper Fences and Barriers

Children are curious and often able to get themselves into tricky situations. However, when it comes to pools, this can easily become a matter of life and death. Installing a childproof fence and barrier will ensure that your children can’t enter the pool without an adult’s assistance.


It is recommended that the fence be at least four feet high and that children should be taught never to climb over it.



Alongside a proper fence and barrier, it is recommended that families install an alarm system that will alert them should the door be opened without their permission.


Pool Blanket

Falling onto a pool blanket is significantly better than falling into a pool, as falling into a pool may cause a head injury.


Stay Alert and Supervise

If there are children in the pool, there should always be an adult present – especially one who is prepared to jump into the water if needed. The supervising adult should also take care to truly pay attention to the children – it only takes a few moments for a child to drown.



CPR courses are accessible and fast, and what may take you a day could save someone’s life. It is important to have at least one CPR-certified person around the pool in the case their help is needed.


Swimming Lessons

Pool safety for kids is rooted in their ability to swim, so don’t risk it. In Australia, there are many organisations that offer free swimming lessons. Swimming is an important and useful skill that will help your children throughout their lives.


If your child can’t swim, ensure that they have a flotation device properly attached to them. However, even with the device, be careful not to leave them unattended, as the device may move or the child may panic and lose it.


Keep a Kit Handy

Not only should you keep an equipped first aid kit handy, but the person who is supervising the children should also have the following things:

  • Scissors in case they will need to cut someone or something free
  • Portable telephone
  • Asthma puffer
  • Flotation device


Drain Covers

After the death of a young girl who became stuck in a drain due to the faulty drain cover, it has become part of the law to ensure that drain covers meet safety standards.


It is also vital to teach children to stay away from drains, as their suction is very strong and it is easy to become stuck.


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Staying safe in your pool is important. If you have any questions about this article, or about pool safety, contact us. We are available online, or you can call us on 1300 724 132.