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Why Heat a Pool?

Posted By Michael  
11:10 AM

Pool heating can be expensive and lead many home owners to wonder if they should even bother. On the hand, many people are only interested in swimming in a heated pool. In this article, we will cover a few of the advantages and dispel a common myth about pool heating.


Hosting a Pool Party

The weather can be a big factor in the success of parties. It wouldn’t be ideal to plan a pool party without a pool heater, because even at the height of summer, the weather can turn cold quickly. When you have a reliable system for heating a pool, you can host pool parties most of the year. Different heating systems will have differing abilities. For example, a powerful gas heater will let you swim in your pool all year. If you combine a gas heater with an efficient solar pool heating system, chances the energy costs of heating the pool in winter won’t break the bank either.


Myth: Solar Pool Heating is Expensive

Many pool owners have been sceptical about solar pool heating. Saving the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions sounds like a good idea on paper, but is it possible to still enjoy a warm pool? At a cost of a few thousand dollars, many people would choose a heat pump or gas heater instead. The reality is, however, that solar pool heating is typically the cheapest option for pool heating. It can cost a small sum to have it installed, but it’s only the pump which actively consumes electricity, and you can turn it off if you’re not using the pool. The heat that solar heating adds to your pool will extend your swimming season to beyond six months of the year.


Extend Your Swimming Season

If you have a pool, it doesn’t make sense to leave it inactive most of the year. Using a heater will extend your swimming season, in some cases up to 365 days a year. When you are talking to a trusted heating professional about the heating solution you want, make a point to tell them how often you’ll be using your pool.


Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of swimming as exercise, so having an extended swimming season will give you more time to make the most of those benefits.


Additionally, swimming in warm water has its own benefits such as relieving arthritic pain, increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles, body and mind. 


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