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How to Heat an Infinity Pool

Posted By Michael  
11:00 AM

An infinity pool is a spectacular way to blend a pool with its surrounding environment. They are a boon to resorts looking to maximise their appeal, because who doesn’t want to sit on the edge of the world drinking cocktails? The amazing visual spectacle of infinity pools is not without its shortcomings, however, which manifest in higher costs and environmental impact. Over the recent years, infinity pools have becoming increasing popular in residential areas, and this poses its own challenges.


Always Use Solar Pool Heating

Due to the missing edges of an infinity pool, it is virtually impossible to successfully fit a pool cover. This is the main downside of an infinity pool because it means that it’s difficult to reduce the rate of evaporation. Additionally, the waterfall effect causes the water to mix with air, rapidly cooling the water itself. For this reason, it requires more energy to heat an infinity pool than a regular pool of the same size, and therefore larger heaters are required. The easiest way to minimize the energy costs of running a larger heater is to run a solar pool heating system which works with your existing pump to pre-heat the water by running it through a rooftop heating manifold after the waterfall.


Consider Adjustable Automatic Pumps

Residential infinity pools have a different usage pattern to commercial infinity pools. A residential infinity pool will typically be used less frequently and may be unused for months at a time. Under these conditions, the energy costs of maintaining an infinity pool can be a burden, so perhaps consider adjustable automatic pumps during the design process. By adjusting the flow rate of the pumps, it is possible to slow the waterfall to a trickle, rapidly reducing the rate of evaporation and chemical consumption.


Install a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient pool heaters that can be utilised for continuous or on-demand heating. If you have made the investment to install an infinity pool, it makes sense that you want to be able to use it year-round. While it doesn’t provide the immediate heat offered by a gas heater, a heat pump is far more efficient and has lower running costs.


Contact Local Pool Heating

Local Pool Heating are Sydney’s experts in pool heating. We have tailored heating solutions to countless custom pools over our 25 years of experience. We know that every infinity pool is unique, so get in touch with us for a heating solution that meets your demands. Call us today on 0425 332 944 or enquire online.