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Different Pool Heating Systems Compared

Posted By Michael  
11:00 AM

Once you’ve made the decision to install a pool heating system, the next step is to find out which pool heating option is right for you. They differ considerably in terms of environmental impact, cost of installation, running cost, and the amount of heat they can provide for your pool. In this article, we will compare the most common pool heating systems available in the Sydney market. 


Gas Pool Heating

Gas powered pool heating is one of the oldest and most reliable pool heating systems. It heats water in a boiler, much like a gas powered hot water system for your home and pumps the heated water into your pool. These kinds of systems can be relatively cheap to install and provide you with on demand heating when you want it year-round.


The best way to use a gas heater is in combination with solar pool heating that can take the edge off, so the temperature gain demanded from the gas heater (and therefore the gas required) is significantly reduced.


Heat Pump Pool Heating

Heat pumps are an energy efficient electric powered hot water solution for on-demand, and in some situations, continuous heating scenarios. Heat pumps are the same technology behind reverse cycle air conditioning. They work by cycling a refrigerant through two coils at differing pressures to extract heat from one place and release it in another. Through this mechanism, heat can be extracted from air that is cooler than your pool by using the pressure difference to make the refrigerant cooler than the air passing around it, causing the refrigerant to absorb heat. The refrigerant is then pressurised by a pressure pump, causing its temperature to rise so when it comes into contact with colder water, this heat passes into it.


The ongoing costs of heat pumps are related to powering the pressure pump rather than a direct heating mechanism, which makes them more energy efficient than gas heaters.


Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is the most energy efficient way of heating your pool and can extend your swimming season to six months of the year or more in Sydney. The only ongoing costs of solar pool heating is the pump, which pushes water from your pool through a filter and then into the solar absorption tubes on your roof. Solar pool heating is less effective at transferring heat into your pool during extended cold periods, but it can be coupled with a heat pump or gas heater for on demand heating.


Pool Blankets

Pool blankets are a necessity for all pool owners with any interest in efficiently heating and protecting their pools. They significantly reduce both heat and water loss due to evaporation and therefore make any heating system more energy and heat efficient.


Local Pool Heating Installs a Full Suite of Pool Heaters

Local Pool Heating are experienced pool heating professionals offering a range of gas, solar and heat pump pool heaters in the Sydney area. We can also provide you with a custom fitted pool blanket and install combination heating solutions where appropriate. For an obligation free quote, call us today on 1300 724 132 or contact us online to discuss your pool heating options.