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Salt Water Pool vs Mineral Pool

Posted By Michael  
11:00 AM

Humans have been bathing in man-made pools and tubs for many years, which we contaminate with our sweat, dirt and grime. To avoid constantly needing to replace that water or risk disease, we have developed a series of means to clean and sanitise water. Two of the most popular modern techniques for this are using salt water and mineral water, which we will compare in this article.


Salt Water Pools

The salt water pool system is popular in Australia because it is usually considered more efficient than directly dumping chlorine into a swimming pool. In a salt water pool, sodium chloride (also known as table salt) is present in the solution that undergoes electrolysis in the salt water filtration system liberating free chlorine which acts to disinfect the pool water. This has been adopted all over the world, however it does has many shortcomings. Salt water pools require ongoing and frequent maintenance. The filters need to be replaced and cleaned regularly, and the pool chemistry often demands additives to keep it balanced and within the healthy range. Another downside is the salinity of the water can contribute to premature corrosion of nearby equipment like heat pumps or gas heaters.


Mineral Water Pools

We have been bathing in mineral water pool systems for many years. Today, people still travel across the world to visit and take a dip in The Dead Sea for a dose of its mineral health benefits. Recently, the mineral water pool has taken off both in home and commercial pool treatments because it not only imparts a series of health benefits, but it requires less maintenance than salt water pools.


Benefits of Mineral Water Pools

Most swimmers prefer a mineral water pool because of the feel imparted by the water. It is usually considered smoother than a saltwater pool, does not create that itchy feeling, and the magnesium in the water is actually attributed with easing the pain of sore muscles.


What’s in a Mineral Water Pool?

In addition to magnesium, which is usually imparted as a magnesium chloride salt, mineral water pools usually contain borates, some sodium chloride (but less than salt water pools) and ozone is used as the sanitising agent.


Mineral water pool also works well with all of your pool heaters, so you can still enjoy a warm dip with your solar hot water pool system


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